Getting back into my art

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Although having a baby means you are super busy with all those home tasks – cooking, cleaning, washing, playing, and then cleaning again, I’ve found it really important to make sure I keep some time to do some things for me. I’m back to my Netball in the evenings and have also started drawing again. It’s been so long since I did some proper drawing (not just for design purposes) and I love it because when I’m doing it, all I am thinking about is what I am doing – nothing else. I need this sometimes, otherwise I find my mind is racing all over the place, as I’m sure lots of mums understand.

Anyway, what best to draw but William, the absolute best subject I can think of at the moment!

I took some high contrast photographs of William with the sun coming through the window across his face, so there was lots of shadow and highlights and then started my drawing using lead pencil and then once I was happy with the overall proportions, started with a range of grey, white and black chalk pastels to create light and shadow.

Here are some pics of the original photograph, a progress shot and then the ‘final’ work (I still haven’t taken off the masking tape, because I may go back and make some improvements!).

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